Asociación de Hoteles Nobles del Reyno



Tourism Registration Number:UH000854

Spa Hotel where the corridor of the river Bidasoa and the valley of Baztán meet. A spring of peace and relaxation. A charming spa located in a natural area with outstanding Pyrenean landscapes. It has 48 double rooms, 15 single rooms, 9 junior suites and 3 suites.

Common areas

Our guests enjoy facilities that combine comfort and accessibility with design.


The small village of Elgorriaga, just 54 km from Pamplona, is located in a natural area which used to be known as the “Spanish Switzerland”. It is an area of great natural beauty where nature and tradition come together to offer visitors a pleasant stay.

The spa is surrounded by several villages and typical local farmhouses. Elizondo and Santesteban, the most popular villages in the area, are both nearby. Situated on the French border, Elgorriaga lies in the Pyrenean region of the basin of the River Bidasoa, at the foot of Mount Mendaur. Its location amidst leafy vegetation and oak woodland.