Asociación de Hoteles Nobles del Reyno



Tourism Registration Number: UHR00931

The Palace of the Borda family, converted into a Hotel, is the perfect enclave where the visitor will feel part of that history in an emblematic building, cataloged by the Príncipe de Viana Institution in maximum degree (Category of Historical Heritage of Navarre). A completely restored hotel that has respected its original architecture, maintaining its characteristic red stone, its stately walls, in an atmosphere of maximum comfort, noble materials, attention to detail so that the experience of staying in it is authentic and unique.

Our hotel located in Amaiur (Valle del Baztan), the north of Navarre and stands out for the friendly and close treatment, privacy, its postal environment and the spaciousness of spaces. We will try to advise you as much as possible to be able to offer you all the information you need with respect to tourism in the area and other places of interest that you request. On the other hand in our restaurant, you can enjoy typical dishes of the area made in a traditional way and in our bar – cafeteria you can have a coffee or a Gin and Tonic enjoying exceptional views.

The Palacio Borda Hotel has 14 double rooms. All of them are spacious rooms, with views of the wonderful valley that surrounds the Hotel Palacio, have the maximum comfort, bathrooms with views of Mount Gaztelu, with furniture and noble materials. The rooms are distributed as follows: Two suites (Almandoz and Elizondo), eight doubles (Arizkun, Gartzain, Berroeta, Oronoz, Arraioz, Azpilkueta, Irurita and Lekaroz) and four Junior Suite (Aniz, Erratzu, Elbete and Ziga).

The Hotel also has three important rooms: Borda Hall, Amaiur Room and Baztan Hall, each of them located on one of the floors. On the ground floor, Borda room, is intended to create a social place for both guests and customers of the cafeteria or restaurant and has a Wi-Fi zone. On the first floor, we find the Amaiur room, designed for the guests’ rest and where small relaxed company meetings, celebrations and events can be held. And on the second floor, we have the Baztan room, ideal space for working days, various presentations, meetings, awards ceremony, etc. This room apart from having Wi-Fi zone as the rest of the rooms, has enabled a computer and a projector.